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Here's what our customers say:

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"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the nutcracker and tried it for the first time yesterday.  It worked perfectly!  I'm impressed!  I didn't think one could crack those black walnuts with anything other than a hammer.  Thank you for making such a quality product!"             --C.C.


"i really like to get stuff that is good and it will last be for a long time, i have hickory nuts ,your cracker gives me big meat pieces, ... i payed for something  thats right for once thanks"              --J.E.


"I am the pleased owner of two of your harshell nut crackers.  Over the last two years I have cracked hundreds of walnuts in a very effective fashion...I intend to crack hundreds of black walnuts every year for hopefully the rest of my life, and I expect your nutcrackers will endure that long"              --T.H.


"Mine cracked out 40 quarts of black walnuts this winter.  The monks have hard-shells but have a hard time cracking them.  Now their problem is solved, thanks to your help."              --C.M.

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