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Harvesting Black Walnuts
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Black Walnuts with Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker

Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker

Designed to crack the toughest black walnuts, the Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker effortlessly cracks all types of hardshell nuts.  

Efficient:    The long handle provides more leverage, allowing anyone to crack nuts with minimal effort. Our patented design cracks the nut outward, leaving the nutmeat in large pieces.  

Flexible:    In addition, because you control the force, this nutcracker is flexible enough to save the nutmeats on softer shelled nuts as well. A simple turn of the knob adjusts the nutcracker to the general size of the nuts you are harvesting, from macadamia nuts to hazelnuts to black walnuts.

Durable:    Built to last,  each nutcracker is assembled by hand of solid steel and plated to resist rust.

Service:     We pride ourselves in providing quality and service to the end consumer and stand behind our nutcrackers.    We welcome feedback and suggestions.

How To Order

Compare this superior nut cracker to the Potter Nut cracker and the Master Cracker.  Compare this nut cracker to the Kinetic cracker or the Texas cracker.  The best nut cracker, better than grandpa's nut cracker or Hunt's nut cracker.  Also called the Crax-all or the cracks all, it cracks black walnuts and hazelnuts and macadamia nuts.  You can crack buartnuts and heartnuts.  Crack butternuts and hickory nuts for all of your nut recipes. Proudly made in the USA.  How do I crack black walnuts?  How do I crack macadamia nuts?  How do I crack hazelnuts?  How do I crack hickory nuts?  Save the nutmeat in the hard shell nuts when you use the Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker.